Amber Wireless


Based in Trier, Germany, Amber Wireless has been designing and manufacturing wireless components and solutions for the electronics industry since 1998. With the growth in popularity and use of RF solutions, Amber has adjusted its product offering accordingly with a range of RF Modules and devices that enable data transfer to be executed quickly, cost effectively and efficiently. Amber specialise as a supplier of low power industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) and short range devices (SRD) products. Amber also produce and supply embedded radio transceivers, embedded radio modules, industrial radio modems, wireless metering adapters, wireless USB sticks, wireless bridges, GSM gateways, antennas and customized electronic solutions

Application Areas:
IoT (Internet of Things)
Sensor Networks
Smart Home Solutions
Smart Metering

Product datasheets:
Wireless Modules
ISM Radio Modules
Wireless M-Bus
USB Adapters