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Blade 5GNR/4G/3G/2G Compact High Performance Hinged Swivel SMA-M

Global Coverage Combined With High Performance in the Smallest Antenna Design on the Market  

The 5GNR High Performance SMA-M Connector Mount Antenna (2JW1183-C952) is the newest addition to our “Blade Series” product line. This versatile antenna combines high performance with full bandwidth coverage for 5G NR, 4G LTE and 3G/2G/CDMA cellular spectrums and the smallest antenna design on the market. The innovative hinged swivel design allows the antenna to be positioned in a straight, right or 45-degree angle so it can be rotated into the direction with the most signal strength and reduce interference with other antennas nearby.

Key Features

• Dipole Antenna
• Ground Plane Independent
• Ultra Wide band Antenna
• 617-5925 MHz Sub 6GHz Bands
• Full 4GLTE backward compatibility
• 1.6 dBi 5G NR Peak Gain
• High Performance
• Hinged Connector

Suggested Applications:

• Terminals, Base Stations and Routers
• High Traffic MIMO Device Connectivity
• Industrial, Commercial and Residential IoT
• Industrial, Commercial and Residential Smart Home / Office
• ATM Machines
• IoT Dispensers
• Vending Machines
• Electrical Metering 

The 2JW1183-C952 has an omni-directional radiation pattern giving it a 360-degree uninterrupted signal quality with a maximum efficiency of ~43.3% and peak gains ranging between ~0.3 dBi and ~1.6 dBi across all frequencies. All our products are tested by our expert engineers and measured in our certified CTIA 3D Anechoic Chamber. Please contact our experienced team for assistance with antenna selection and recommendations.