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Brick 5GNR/4GLTE/3G/2G High-Performance Mini Embedded Surface Mount

Introducing the Smallest 5GNR Rigid Antenna on the Market

2J Antennas is pleased to expand our 5GNR antenna family by adding the best in class 5GNR fiberglass internal antenna (2JE71). This ultra-compact off-the-shelf antenna combines high efficiency, reliability, and low device power consumption, making it ideal for IoT and M2M low power wide area (LPWA) technologies.

Key Features

• Ultra Wide band Antenna

• SMT Brick Embedded Antenna

• 617-5925 MHz Sub 6GHz Bands

• Full 4GLTE backward compatibility

• Ground Plane Dependent

• 3.1 dBi 5G NR Peak Gain

• High Performance

• Fiberglass Material

• Compact Size

• Easy to Integrate

Suggested applications include:

• Industrial / Commercial and Residential IoT

• Consumer Electronics / Wearables

• Public Safety Broadband Devices

• Business / Home Automation Devices

• Transportation / Automotive

• Robotics / Automation 

• Drones and UAV’s

The 2JE71 is designed with omni-directional coverage and is optimised for 360-degree signal strength while maintaining stable gains and efficiency across all bands. The new 5GNR technology enhances mobile broadband and ultra-reliable low-latency communications. Edge and EV-DO are designed for digital mobile phone technology and wireless internet access improving data transmission while maintaining higher bit rates and advanced multiplexing techniques resulting in increased capacity and maximum throughput. 

This antenna has been tested in our certified CTIA 3D anechoic chamber for precision accuracy in addition to meeting the shear force testing of 30Kgf (IEC62137-1-2:2007).