Heart-Rate and EKG Monitor Using the MSP430FG439 (Rev. B)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 09 Mar 2018


This application report describes how to build a digital heart-rate monitor using a MSP430FG439 microcontroller (MCU). The heartbeat rate per minute is displayed on an LCD. In addition, the application outputs a digital data stream through an RS232 serial port to allow display of the EKG waveform on a PC. The entire application runs using a CR2032 3-V lithium battery.


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP430FG439IZCAT MSP430FG439IZCAT Buy Datasheet
MSP430FG439IPNR MSP430FG439IPNR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FG439IZCA MSP430FG439IZCA Datasheet
MSP430FG439IZCAR MSP430FG439IZCAR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FG439IPN MSP430FG439IPN Buy Datasheet
MSP430FG439 MSP430FG439 Buy Datasheet
MSP430FG439IPN. MSP430FG439IPN. Buy Datasheet
INA321EA/2K5G4 INA321EA/2K5G4 Buy Datasheet
INA321EA/250 INA321EA/250 Buy Datasheet
INA321EA/250G4 INA321EA/250G4 Buy Datasheet
INA321E/2K5 INA321E/2K5 Buy Datasheet
INA321E/2K5G4 INA321E/2K5G4 Buy Datasheet
INA321E/250 INA321E/250 Buy Datasheet
INA321E/250G4 INA321E/250G4 Buy Datasheet
INA321EA/2K5 INA321EA/2K5 Buy Datasheet
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INA321EA INA321EA Buy Datasheet