Comparing Bus Solutions (Rev. C)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 08/08/2017


The strong interest in this application report prompted this third edition. In addition to the changes and updates made throughout these sections, this edition also discusses Local Interconnect Network (LIN), USB-On-the-Go, DisplayPort, digital isolators, and more. This application report serves as a reference tool for finding the most appropriate data bus solution for today ’s advanced system architectures. It gives an overview of the different bus solutions available from Texas Instruments. Designers can use many different solutions to solve the same problem. The task is to identify the optimum solution for their application.

This application report makes it easier for designers to do this. It has sections on data transmission fundamentals, data line drivers and receivers, data links, and data signaling conditioners. Subsections discuss the electrical properties, applicability, and features of each product family.


Part Number Name Companion Part
SN74FB2033A SN74FB2033A Buy Datasheet
SN74FB1651 SN74FB1651 Buy Datasheet
SN74FB2031 SN74FB2031 Buy Datasheet
SN74FB1653 SN74FB1653 Buy Datasheet
SN74FB2041A SN74FB2041A Buy Datasheet
SN74FB2040 SN74FB2040 Buy Datasheet
SN65HVD230 SN65HVD230 Buy Datasheet
SN65HVD231 SN65HVD231 Buy Datasheet
SN65HVD232 SN65HVD232 Buy Datasheet
SN65HVD233 SN65HVD233 Buy Datasheet
SN65HVD234 SN65HVD234 Buy Datasheet
SN65HVD235 SN65HVD235 Buy Datasheet
SN65HVD251 SN65HVD251 Buy Datasheet
SN65HVD1040 SN65HVD1040 Buy Datasheet
SN65HVD1050 SN65HVD1050 Buy Datasheet
TMS320LF2401A TMS320LF2401A Buy Datasheet
TMS320F2801 TMS320F2801 Buy Datasheet
TMS470 1A128PZ-T TMS470 1A128PZ-T Datasheet
SN74GTL16612 SN74GTL16612 Buy Datasheet
SN74GTL1655 SN74GTL1655 Buy Datasheet
SN74GTL16616 SN74GTL16616 Buy Datasheet
SN74GTL16622A SN74GTL16622A Buy Datasheet