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Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments has used increasingly complex signal-processing technology – with advances ranging from the incremental to the revolutionary – to literally and repeatedly change the world.

Every day, our semiconductor innovations help 90,000 customers unlock possibilities for a smarter, safer, greener, healthier and more enjoyable world. Our focus on building a better future is ingrained in everything we do, from responsible semiconductor manufacturing, to employee care and active involvement with the communities we live in.

TIers are a tremendously diverse group, coming from every continent, embracing scores of different cultures and viewpoints, and speaking dozens of languages; yet we all share a passion for discovery. After all, innovation is what we do.

TI's amazing past is a prologue to an even more incredible future. And in many ways, our story is just beginning.

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Part NameFamilyDescription
TL494 PWM Control Circuit PWM Control Circuit 16-SOIC 0 to 70
MSP430G2553 MSP430G2553 MSP430G2x53, MSP430G2x13 Mixed Signal Microcontroller
TL2842 Current-Mode PWM Controller Current-Mode PWM Controller 8-SOIC -40 to 85
OPA376 OPA376 Precision, Low Noise, Low Iq Operational Amplifier
TPL7200 Stopwatch IC for Time Measurement Between Two Events Stopwatch IC for Time Measurement Between Two Events 14-TSSOP -40 to 85
AM3354 Sitara ARM Cortex-A8 Microprocessor Sitara ARM Cortex-A8 Microprocessor 324-NFBGA -40 to 90
LMC6036 Low Power 2.7V Single Supply CMOS Operational Amplifier Low Power 2.7V Single Supply CMOS Operational Amplifier 14-TSSOP -40 to 85
TPS51620 TPS51620 Dual Phase D-CAP+?Mode Step Down Controller for IMVP6+ CPU/GPU Vcore
TPS40090 TPS40090 4 Channel Multiphase Buck DC/DC Controller
CDCF2509 CDCF2509 3.3-V Phase-Lock Loop Clock Driver
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